Hair Reformation Treatment

Salon exclusive!
Revolutionary “Hair Reformation” system treatment from Japan.

The keywords are “Acid & Heat”, the next-generation treatment with 18 concentrated amino acids.

Hair consists of a protein called ‘keratin’, just like skin and nails. This protein is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, the lack of some of which can contribute to dryness and loss of shine.

Heat activated Glyoxylic Acid and Dicarboxylate together with these amino acids remove unwanted waves, kinks and revive unruly hair to exceptional shine by mimicking all aspects of healthy hair.

Hair Reformation Treatment

*This is NOT straight perming nor hair relaxing, this treatment doesn’t use ammonia nor alkaline agents.

First time offer – £20 OFF

Medium length normal price £175 -> £155
Long length normal price £185 -> £165
Extra Long length normal price £195 -> £175

(We will take “before & after” back view photos without showing your face)

These prices don’t include haircut (from £54)

For more details please call on

Monday – Friday
11am – 8pm

Please note

  • This treatment might make your pre-coloured hair slightly lighter.
  • The result could give “smoothed down” effect.
  • limited time only