Opening Hours : Monday-Friday 11.00-20.00

Bookings for August and September are also open.
Please call us on 07985233544 / 02076381616

In case you need to change or cancel your booking please give us 48 hours’ notice (for Monday appointments, please let us know by the previous Friday AM)

For appointments, please call us on 07985233544

For those who’ve already made appointments, a big thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you then.

How to get Shiroma Hairdressing Salon from Liverpool Street Station

(There are construction works going in the area)

To protect our clients and staff, we will take the following precautions.

Please note

  • Arrive on time for your appointment otherwise we may not be able to provide full services.
  • Wait outside the salon if you arrive early to minimise the number of people inside. … on that note, please arrive ALONE for your appointment.
  • Depending on the weather some of disposable items which you will be asked to wear might make you feel a bit hot, so you may want to consider dressing lightly.
  • We won’t be able to keep your personal items eg. bags, jackets etc. at the reception to minimise contacts.

When you turn up for your appointment you will be……

  • wearing a face mask (please bring your own).
  • stepping on the disinfectant foot mat at the entrance.
  • sanitising your hands using the bottle that is placed at the reception.
  • wearing disposable gloves provided next to the sanitiser.
  • waiting at the reception for check-in.
  • taking part in a temperature check. We reserve the right to refuse entry if you have a high temperature.
  • directed to your allocated seat.

Your stylist will be…

  • taking their temperature before starting the day.
  • wearing face masks, visors or safety goggles and aprons.
  • using sterilised tools.

Things will be a bit different…

  • Disposable items (gloves, capes, neck paper strips) will be used on you to minimise direct contacts.
  • The seats next to you will stay empty to allow for social distancing.
  • We use an air circulator to promote better ventilation inside the salon.
  • We will no longer have magazines available to avoid the possibility of cross contamination.
  • We might not be as chatty as before. It’s just a precaution. Of course we can still talk about your hair style!

Other points to note…

  • The free haircut scheme with our member’s card is currently suspended. BUT don’t worry, your card does not expire. You will not lose out!
  • Please allow us extra time in case of style correction / change.
  • Colour charge may be different to your usual re-touch price. We will inform you during consultation.
  • Pre haircut head / shoulder massage service is not available for now to minimise direct contacts.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Shiroma management and staff

For bookings, call tel: 07985233544 / 02076381616